Empire Style Desk and Chair with Metallic Finish

Desk and Chair in Empire Style 
Black Fabric Seat 

Console in Empire Style 
Dressing Table in Empire style 
Ram's Curved Rails 
Antiquing Metallic
Metallic finish Desk 
Furniture Painting In metallic 
Seat Splat 
Parlor Table 
Desk and chair in empire style antiqued with metallic finish .the measurements of  the chair is 34" high x 18" deep x 21" wide .This desk can be used as a table could also be used as a console or parlor table and the set itself can be practically used as dressing table if you add a mirror.

Ram's head detail is featured on the chair ends of the slightly curved cresting rail and it has a black fabric seat.
This chair is typical of the Empire style period in its water lilies in the form of rolled head and the splat is sculpted


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