How to Create Classic Style Design with Red Furniture ?

Using Red Furniture In Classic Interior Design
Red is a beautiful if you use it in the right way it can create nice look and welcoming point in your home . if you use red furniture you can create a nice environment in your house you can use this color in the decoration of your living room , bed room or dining room.

  • Choose the red furniture before you design. When using red furniture in your room, it is important to pick out these pieces first and then design the space around them. 
  • Use neutral colors as a contrast.. Neutrals will provide a low contrast to the space. high contrast colors will make the room look too "busy." also Neutral accessories like candles , appliques and frames will help  and balance the red and adding an interesting distinction between the furniture and walls see also " European Style Door "  also adding a mirror or painting on the wall. Lighting is also another part that can integrate red. A chandelier or floor lamp with same color would add to the design of the room. 


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