French Furniture Companies and Factories in Egypt

French Furniture Companies in Egypt
 Egyptian furniture companies understanding that markets expressed in the continuous expansion in product development and design, skilled labor training, as well as, state of the art machinery acquisition. All brought in to meet clients' expectations and satisfaction.

If you are an architect, classic furniture designers, importer, chain store, hypermarket, retailer, specialized dealer or a project contractor Egypt is the market place where your needs will be realized.
The main foundation of the furniture industry in Egypt is based on;
  • Variety and sheer number of highly skilled craftsmen who apply their skills to fulfill the demand on quality products worldwide.
  • Mass production facilities specialized in french furniture , contract and hotel furniture.
Furniture in Egypt is becoming a phrase which starts to gain credibility towards the supply of Superb Quality, Exceptional Value, Quick, On-Time Deliveries and Superior Customer Service through developed focused companies and factories who are being re-engineered to ensure continuous flow of production with unlimited finishing capabilities.

Below is best french furniture manufactures in Egypt you can click the company name and find information about them ( location - contact information and website if available - design style and product range)
  • Abd El-Razzak Furniture.
  • Al Faynan Wood Works
  • Al Madyafa.
  • Ali El Badry Sons Furniture.
  • Arabian Carpentry.
  • Arafa Interiors.
  • Asal Furniture Company.
  • Cadre – Frame Makers.
  • CAT Egypt.
  • Decent Home Wooden Products.
  • Egyptian European Co. for Furniture.
  • El Azab Furniture Factory.
  • El Gallad Furniture Factory.
  • El Khodary.
  • El Labban Co. for Furniture.
  • Elhennawy Sons Furniture.
  • Emporio Furniture.
  • Etqan Furniture.
  • European Company for Crystals & Chandeliers.
  • Fayek Decorative Furniture SAE.
  • Ferforge.
  • Four Corners Interiors.


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