Factors Influence The Value of Imported Antiques Furniture

Value of Antiques 
The most important part about antiques furniture is their value. There are a lot of factors influence the value of an antiques furniture :

  • Availability of antiques : If imported antiques furniture are hard to come , they will have limited value as a collectible. On the contrary, if they are freely available it limits their value
  • Reproductions importers : If the reproductions of antique furniture are freely available in the market, the price of  imported antiques furniture falls.
  • Dollar Value : A shrinking dollar also influence the price.
  • Changing trends: Certain pieces become high demand  by the turn of every decade or half of it. This is generally prompted by various media, various marketing strategies, high auction prices.
  • Provenance: Original condition of items imported are the primary key factors in the quality, value and price of antiques.
  • The environment of the outlet of furniture plays a great role in influencing their value. Sales environment varies with an antique showroom, on-line sale or auction of the antiques
  • If a buyer is an enthusiast of antique furniture with high taste and judgment, he can title the price.
  • Economy: in case of poor economy, demand will be decreased.


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