The Best Italian Furniture From The Leading Factories in Italy

Eighteen century Bedroom 

Salon Carving 

Italian Dresser 

Classic Chaise Lounge 

Classic Headboard 

Salon Made in Italy 

Salon Table in Italian Style 
Changing architectural styles (from baroque to rococo, from Rococo to Classicism, with Classicism in the Empire) could not pass without a trace . Furniture XVII century is decorated with floral and figural compositions. In the XVIII century it has a great diversity colors, it can clearly see the antique features.

Today we can afford almost any architectural style. AND pick up the bedroom, living room or children's Italian furniture, all the same comfortable and refined.

The best Italian furniture from the leading factories in Italy. Italian dining rooms and bedrooms, Italian children's furniture and rooms, kitchens and hallways, as well as accessories (coffee tables, dressers, tables, lamps, classic commode .). In a word, represented in our range elite furniture in Italy, established in accordance with centuries-old traditions art .

Today we are witnessing the return of the best traditions of the organization in a residential space. One of these - a device for the reception room and for family evenings or living room. Perhaps the best choice for living room is it. Because its beauty ,comfortable and  affordable luxury.


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  2. plz , are u have a more photos and Details for the Classic Chaise Lounge and Salon , Who design it or factory production .


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