A Vision For Furniture Trade business

Furniture Trade Business
Sharing the same passion for knowledge of art, refinement and craftsmanship , The line of chairs, armchairs and sofas Regency, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Directoire, Empire and Restoration, available in more than eighty
character models, mostly of French origin but also Belgian, Italian, English or Swedish.

With shared commitment to respect both techniques traditional woodworking patterns and proportions of vintage originals and stamped, our factory has satisfied fans and purists former headquarters. We are proud to reproduce some models stamped by great cabinetmakers of the time using manufacturing techniques and finishing craft completely. Our work culminates when the seats are designed to fit into a specific scene, adding
respect of a timeless tradition.

Fully enrolled in the current trend favors the measure and excellence, we are solicited throughout Europe, the Middle East, America and Asia for our reissues the same opportunity to prestigious decoration projects of historic houses, palaces, embassies, hotels and luxurious restaurants, or establishments of prestige.

The deep respect for our craftsmen to work then reproduces the variations that give light and life to objects of art. Each chair becomes unique. That is why we are proud to put our stamp, which guarantees quality and authenticity of the documents in our collection


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