Master Cabinet Maker
Detect rare models are distinguished by a detail of sculpture, a particular frame and perfect proportions is our approach essentially dictated by the passion of the seats and wood. Wood species worked mainly beech and mahogany. Our barrels are assembled mortise and tenon and pegged when was the original model. The cane is made entirely by hand, using the system traditional rebate.To meet the millimeter proportions and depth of sculptures, the craftsmen should work with the piece before my eyes period which serves as a standard.

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French Patina
Antiquing Finishing Furniture
The polished antique faithfully reproduce the marks of two hundred years wear from dust and worm holes to the luster of galleries and the natural patina of aged wood that would gently.To let the wood soak deep layers of wax successive, each piece is several days in our workshops between various stages of completion. This method provides a natural aging and gives the chair a warm patina alive. All patinas will also worsen over time, as on a piece of family furniture, and contribute to the uniqueness of each piece.


Cane work 
Master Frames
The craftsmen should be chosen for their artistic sense and sensitivity to nuance. These qualities are truly living each seat to its forms of his sculptures or reproduction of a very specific colors. However the personal touch of each part of a strict methodology, the result of a long tradition, to keep continuity in the proposed colors. This is a subtle exercise in both creativity and reproducibility of patina, which guarantees the mark of a luxury craft.

The methods are closely guarded, and were developed with former highly skilled craftsmen and restorers who have worked or still work for the largest antique dealers. Chipped or worn, monochrome or polychrome, with more sustained or fillet coated Venice, lacquers are made in the spirit of the eighteenth and require between six and eleven manipulations. Twenty standard colors can be combined together to infinity.

Research of color are also made on request. Two techniques of gilding are offered with more traditional gilding in tempera with gold leaf of 24 carat.


Upholstery Techniques 
Traditional Upholstery 

Regarding the tapestry and upholstery, three main criteria were considered: the comfort, beauty and fidelity in relation to different styles: the buxom Regency, rounded to the style of Louis XV, edges more sharp for the style of Louis XVI and curves strict styles XIX.

Two types of packing are available on the seats: a semi-packed with traditional springs, straps, coir and foam, and true to the old tapestry, with horsehair, beads and stitched by hand springs.


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