Louis XV Blanchard Antique Caned Seat And Back Armchair

Upholstery Louis xv armchair
This elegant model light armchair to the Queen is due to one or another master Joiners Dynasty Blanchard, residing at Rue de Clery's LENSEIGNE "White Cat".

You have to admire the very strong boost animating large antique consoles daccotoirs, deep molding and curves so Parisian.Note also the curious and unusual foliage sculpture of dossier that is perforated and stands in some parts of his background.

you will find also Version with seating for garnish see also " Louis xv antique table " , trim upholstery of the seat allows the identification of ornaments that are the charm of this place: his whip.

This sculpture was fine and unusual perhaps the sculptor Jean-Simon Baptiste-Rode, lacademy of St. Luke Blanchard and neighborCount Dartois provider see also antique chest of drawers . Blanchard has worked with the demanding Nicolas Quinibert Folliot, provider of the King. The height of this chair allows Dassise serve as a dining room table.
Louis XV Caned Armchair
Reproduction Antique Blanchard Armchair
Decorative Antique Louis xv


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