Ancient Furniture Beds

Egyptian Bed
The Earliest Egyptian Beds often carved in the form of papyrus culms , were also typical of the old kingdom , though the bull's hooves gradually gave a way to lion's paws and there were other , more practical , modifications. The frame frequently spanned with a hide or skin , was as a rule raised rather than higher , some times with longer legs at the head so that it sloped down to the foot which might be fitted with a board.

The footboard was not essential however being absent , For example , on beds with lion masks at the head , a form known also from the middle kingdom see also " 19 Century French Bed ". ordinary beds might have simple legs , but animal legs usually those of lions were the rules of bed of quality.

Footboard were often richly decorated with carved open work figures see also " Louis XV Caned Bed " , inlay and gilding , but the head was generally unadorned , and there was never headboard.

Egypt Bed Room 
Ancient Bedroom 


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