Legacy of French Antique Chairs Louis XV , XVI and Regency

Louis XV Bench
The collection of old seats from which the House has launched its editions shows the glory days of the French headquarters and knowledge make a carpenter-cabinetmaker, upholsterer inseparable from that and the art of braiding. All older models chosen for Reproduction craft workshops by experts Massant were selected for their purity of line and decoration, their character and originality.

Louis XV Sofa
The best seats are few old single pieces or sets of frequently mismatched chairs, stamped and stored in castles and apartments of public and private collections. These seats are not necessarily royal decor luxurious but simply offer harmonious lines and sober reflecting the best taste of the nobility, clergy and gentry.

Louis XV Armchair 
There is one line of massaging seats, chairs and armchairs Regency cane, skated in a range of tones eighteenth or Art Deco Bergere , Louis XV chair File molded, carved and pierced, an attractive Bergère Louis XV intended to the child, a convertible armchair painted wood Louis XV chairs medallion to file or folder to lyre Caned Louis XVI armchairs,  French sofas or Louis XVI and Directoire or models of chairs natural wood or painted in shades Management and Charles X.

Antique Louis XV Chairs 


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